Did Lexus Just Give Us a Sneak Peek at the LX Twin of the All-New Land Cruiser?

What is that large, imposing SUV you have hidden under the sheet there, Lexus?


Last week, Toyota revealed the new J300 generation Land Cruiser on its global media site. Toyota's American media site ignored it, however — so, sad as it seems, it's a good bet we're not getting it. That would leave Lexus's next-generation LX as the only route for the new Land Cruiser to come to the U.S., and we think it's likely to do so. Using the J300 as a base for the LX would seem more plausible than Lexus developing a distinct niche, super high-end off-roader.

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And in fact, Lexus may have snuck that vehicle into the video reveal for the revolutionary new NX crossover. The NX is flanked by a larger, more imposing Lexus SUV that remains under a sheet. Still, what we can see through the haze is that vehicle's exterior looks a lot like a subtly updated version of the current LX...which is what we would expect if it were an SUV based on the J300 Land Cruiser.

CarBuzz also found a leaked document from the Spanish forum Cochespias, which shows five trims for a future Lexus LX: base and Sport versions of an LX 570 and base, F-Sport and VIP versions of an LX 600. If valid, that would seem to indicate two powertrains — perhaps the twin-turbo V6 from the new Land Cruiser and a more powerful hybrid version (or Lexus's possible twin-turbo V8).

Toyota released an enigmatic statement about the Land Cruiser's future in December, only confirming there would be no Toyota Land Cruiser for the 2022 model year. They told enthusiasts to "stay tuned." Given the opportunity in June, Toyota did not clarify that statement any further.

If the answer were simple, Toyota could give a quick yes or no. Playing coy makes sense if Toyota's true answer is more complicated. Something like... the J300 is coming but only with Lexus badging and the 'Land Cruiser' branding may go on a new SUV based on the new Tundra we can't talk about yet that will replace the Sequoia.

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