Electric Ford Maverick and Ranger Trucks May Arrive Soon, Trademarks Suggest

And they will have some familiar branding

silhouette of an electric truck shown running a new ford ev platform

Ford just pushed the new F-150 Lightning into production with great fanfare. But that electric truck will only be the beginning. More electric pickups are on the way. And a recent trademark filing suggests Ford may be ready to spill the beans on them soon.

CarBuzz found that Ford filed European Union trademark applications for both "Ranger Lightning" and "Maverick Lightning." Unless Ford plans to broaden the Lightning sub-brand to electrified (i.e. hybrid) vehicles, those trademarks likely refer to upcoming electric versions of Ford's midsize and compact pickups.

We more or less knew those pickups were coming. Ford is reportedly working on an electric Ranger with Volkswagen. Ford also all but confirmed a Bronco EV was in development. The Bronco runs on the Ranger platform, and building one without the other wouldn't make much sense. The new Ranger should arrive in America shortly with at least a plug-in hybrid version available at or shortly after launch.

Not long ago, Ford CEO Jim Farley noted to the New York Times that building an electric Maverick was possible. And Ford PR all but confirmed that a Maverick-like silhouette from a Ford EV platforms presentation represented an electric Maverick.

There's no word yet on whether Ford plans to trademark Maverick Lightning and Ranger Lightning in America. But Ford recently filed trademark applications for Maverick Thunder, Ranger Thunder and F-150 Thunder in both the U.S. and Canada. That name could fit for electric versions or hybrids. It could also just be a sinister-looking appearance package.

We'd expect an electric Ranger and Maverick would both be popular. EV demand is booming. Ford was so overwhelmed with F-150 Lightning reservations they had to stop accepting more and quadruple production plans. The electric Ranger and Maverick would be even cheaper and more reasonably sized. And they would face even less competition, especially if they could beat Toyota's EV pickup to market.


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