Corvette Is Going Electric With a Performance Sedan, Report Says

GM's upcoming Porsche-killer won't be named the Camaro.

2020 chevrolet corvette stingray

Chevy is reportedly ending the Camaro after the 2024 model year. There has been some reporting that GM will replace the Camaro with an electric performance sedan. According to Muscle Cars & Trucks, that electric performance sedan is coming. But it will carry Corvette, not Camaro branding.

According to the report, the Corvette EV sedan will arrive in the middle of this decade. GM wants to position it upmarket as a competitor for the Porsche Taycan. It will be part of a spin-off of Corvette as its own brand, with the rumored electric Corvette SUV following afterward to flesh out the lineup.

GM doing that would make sense. We've seen automakers fleshing out sub-brands that resonate way better than the manufacturer's name. Corvette may be a more extreme example of that than Mustang or Bronco with Ford, where it reads as far more premium than Chevy. The only thing surprising about GM producing other Corvette-branded vehicles — including an SUV — is that they have not done so yet.

And if GM plans to take on the Porsche Taycan, Corvette would be a better choice than Camaro. Camaro isn't a particularly premium brand. And Camaro branding and styling held back the current model, which, by many accounts, is one of the best sports car values on the market.

The question is whether that electric performance sedan will be the "electric Corvette" that General Motors promised. GM's president Mark Reuss confirmed that an Ultium-based Corvette EV was coming in the future but offered no details. MC&T believes that a fully-electric Corvette sports car as we know it will not arrive until the C9 generation. Though multiple electrified Corvettes are en route.


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