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Prepare for Post-Pandemic Travel with Discounted Packing Organizers

An often-overlooked key to smarter, more efficient travel is to use packing organizers.

eagle creek
Eagle Creek

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I had a friend growing up who, when we went to summer camp, would show up with all of his clothing for the week carefully folded and contained in separate, labeled Ziploc bags. We were at that merciless age of adolescence during which something like this was worthy of ridicule — caring too much about anything was decidedly uncool — and he was routinely gibed every morning as we prepped for each day. But year over year he stuck to his system, and I know why: packing organizers make life out of a suitcase so much easier.

In multi-day backpacking trips and full-on expeditions, separating different items into individual containers is essential not only for knowing where particular things are in a pinch but also for keeping clothing dry; organizers aren’t a matter of debate, they’re necessary. The consequences during casual trips are less dire but the benefits are the same: everything is easy to find, space inside luggage is maximized and clean clothing can be kept separate from the dirty.

One of our favorite collections of packing organizers, Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Cube Set, comes in a variety of sizes for varying needs and is ultralight so as not to take up any additional space inside a bag. Currently, some colors of the three-piece set are on sale at Amazon for 25 percent off. The two-bag set is also on sale at Backcountry for 30 percent off. Prep for that first post-pandemic trip now. And if you need some new luggage, there's a ton of that on sale as well.


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