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Microwave Cooking Is the Cinderella Story of 2021, Thanks to This Cookware

Anyday is backed by one of the world's most famous chefs, who happens to be the microwave's biggest fan.

anyday product shoot in napa, calif    nader khouri 2020
Nader Khouri

Gordon Ramsay will not be happy with this new cookware line. Then again, the notoriously anti-microwave chef probably won't be very happy with his fellow world-famous chef David Chang, either. Chang, founder of the Momofuku Restaurant Group (among many other things), is a partner of Anyday, a new line of cookware that you're meant to use in the microwave — not to heat food up, but to actually cook in Chef Mike.

Anyday's debut line includes four glass dishes: The Large Deep Dish ($40), The Medium Deep Dish ($30), The Large Shallow Dish ($40), and The Medium Shallow Dish ($30). Each is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass (a good thing, since microwaving plastic can cause chemicals to get into your food), and has a tight-fitting lid to prevent splatters and keep moisture in. And just so nothing explodes in the microwave, the lid's knob has vents to let steam out.

The dishes are also dishwasher- and oven-safe, making them extremely flexible. Plus, they do fine in the freezer, so you can use them to cook, serve and store, as well.

anyday product shoot in napa, calif    nader khouri 2020
Shakshuka served out of one of Anyday’s dishes.
Nader Khouri

Wanna see how it works? You can watch Chang cook in an Anyday dish on his side Instagram account, @normalpot, in which he makes a surprisingly delicious-looking bowl of bacon. It appears the chef is using a sub-$1,000 Hestan microwave, so results may vary.

While Chang is a supporter of Anyday, its founder is actually Steph Chen. She's the chief of staff at Meyer Corporation, which is the second largest distributor of cookware in the world. (Brands under its umbrella include Farberware, Anolon and a host of celebrity cookware lines).

anyday product shoot in napa, calif    nader khouri 2020
Rice pudding made in a microwave? Yep, rice pudding made in a microwave.
Nader Khouri

As celebrity chef Alton Brown recently tweeted, "Microwaves aren't bad, they're just misunderstood." It's true that microwaves get a lot of heat for being unreliable kitchen appliances, but according to Harvard Medical School, microwaving is one of the best cooking methods because it "cooks quickly, heats food for the shortest amount of time, and uses as little liquid as possible," which helps food retain more nutrients than through other cooking methods. And any fears of radioactive food coming out of a microwave can be eased since the American Cancer Society flat-out says,"Microwaves do not use x-rays or gamma rays, and they do not make food radioactive."

Anyday is available now, and you can head over to its website to find recipes to cook in the dishes. Microwave not included.


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