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Need to Stock Up on Basics? Do It Now During This Mack Weldon Sale

Whether you're refreshing your underwear drawer or want to pick up a couple of pairs of tech chinos, this deal has you covered.

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Mack Weldon

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Keeping your basics stocked can feel like a never-ending battle. Whether you can't decide what brand you like best or you just constantly feel like you need a refresh, tees, underwear and sweats can be simultaneously the easiest and most difficult part of your wardrobe to nail down. There are dozens of brands out there doing what seems like the same thing, but it's hard to find one that stands out. This is where we turn to Mack Weldon, a brand that does stand out in the crowded space that is men's basics.

Mack Weldon
18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief
Mack Weldon mackweldon.com

Thanks to its innovative materials and thoughtful designs, Mack Weldon has grown from a plucky start-up infusing silver in its boxer briefs to a brand that can outfit you from head to toe (though they do still have some of the best materials in the game). If you're looking to try out some new undies or already love Mack Weldon and want to stock up, now is the time, because you can save up to $75 during the brand's current sale. If you spend $125, you get $20 off, spend $200 and you get $40 off and if you go huge and spend $300, you'll get a whopping $75 off your whole order.

Mack Weldon
2-Pack 18-Hour Jersey Crew Neck Undershirt
Mack Weldon mackweldon.com

You can choose between multiple types of boxer briefs, including the 18-Hour Boxer Brief, which we've touted in our Best Underwear guide, or you can pick up a pack of undershirts and socks. All set in the underwear department? You can also find sweats, tech chinos, polos, swim trunks and even a waterproof rain jacket with fully taped seams. Basically, if you need to fill any gaps in your wardrobe, Mack Weldon is here to help. Just be sure to shop soon, the deal only lasts through July 10.


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