The greatest gift you can give any dad is spending time with them while you still can. It’s cliche and more than a little sobering, but it’s also the truth. So if you’re really looking for the best way to show the old man you care, clear your schedule, get in a car, hop on a plane or just walk down the street and let him know you’re there — just like old times — to follow his lead. Of course, if you can gift him something extra that he’s sure to enjoy, kudos to you, junior.

That’s why we’ve stockpiled our Father’s Day gift guide with 80 great options to support almost every fatherly pursuit at every kind of budget. Act quickly and nearly everything on this list can arrive at his door ahead of Father’s Day. Here’s hoping you can be there to watch him unwrap it in person.



Sanborn Canoe Paddle
The Minnesota-based Sanborn Canoe Company is the brainchild of cousins Todd Randall and Zak Fellman, who grew up canoeing in the northernmost lakes of the United States. When they weren’t out on the water, chances are they were at the side of their grandfather, a woodworking enthusiast who would eventually inspire the duo’s current venture: making classic Voyageurs’ paddles like those used by the early explorers of the Great Lakes region. Defined by long shafts, narrow blades, and construction by gluing varying strips of cherry, ash, cedar and black walnut together, Sanborn offers two categories of paddles, with or without fiberglass coating. When not in use on the water, one thing is certain: either would be a dad-approved trophy to hang up in the garage. $95+

Mountain Standard MS002 Hardface Fleece
Colorado-based Mountain Standard is known for making outdoor gear that looks as good as it performs. Made from MTN HardFace Fleece coated with a light DWR finish, the MS002 is no slouch in harsh outdoor environments. An active sport fit and 8 percent stretch yarn mean that it feels as at home in the outdoors as it does at his favorite watering hole. Make sure not to unbox it before you give it to him; the temptation might be too great. $160

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven
The Lodge Camp Dutch Oven is the Swiss Army knife of camp cookware. It can be hung over the fire for even cooking; if placed directly on coals, three sturdy legs keep it balanced; and a flanged lid allows for hot coals to be placed on top for baking. You can also invert the lid and use it as a griddle for hotcakes on cold camp mornings. Finally, it comes pre-seasoned with an easy-release finish that improves with age, just like your dad. $55

The Great Wide Open: Outdoor Adventure & Landscape Photography $46

Horse Camp Knife $195

GRAYL Legend Water Filtration Cup $70

Salomon X-Alp 20 Lightweight Backpack $150

REI evrgrn Campfire Rocker $99

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Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses
Widely respected as a world-class leader in sports-based optics, Oakley’s latest version of the Jawbreaker optimizes the advancements made over 40 years of athlete-focused apparel. These shades provide surge ports for optimal airflow, non-slip components for a secure fit and Sliplock technology for hassle-free lens changing. Whether it’s on the bike, in the trails, or on the course, these all-sport shades are perfect for a father in constant motion. $240

Nike Golf Vapor Flex Men’s Driver
Part of Nike’s 2015 line of Vapor drivers, the new Vapor Flex is extremely adjustable. It has FlexFlight technology embedded in its head, which gives users the ability to change the club’s center of gravity. The Flex is designed to maximize forgiveness while also keeping ball spin in check, but it can be adjusted to fit anybody’s game. If your dad has a naturally fast swing speed (or is prone to that wicked slice), most pros would agree that this club could help lower his handicap. $419

Ghurka CATCH No. 268 Double Rod Fly Fishing Case
The vest is the most agreed-upon form of fisherman’s carriage. But the lifelong fly fisherman refuses to pack light. To keep him from looking like a waterlogged Michelin Man, Ghurka makes a fly rod duffel, a logical conclusion that those plying the waters have by and large ignored. The case is handmade in calfskin leather and can hold two rods, any number of reels, and the large majority of his trout-related ephemera in its segmented sections, two exterior pockets and full-length interior mesh pouch. It’s so handsome, it might even convince him to pare down his gear. $2,750

DSPTCH Gym/Work Bag $184

Cycling Climbs: Twenty Art Prints $19

Isaora 8.5-Inch Welded Running Short $95

Trigger Point Grid X Foam Roller $50

Hudson Sutler Hill Country Golf Shoe Bag / Cooler $65

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Randolph Engineering x Ball and Buck Eyewear Aviators
While the rest of the beach drowns in Ray Bans frames, let Pops wear something unique. Apart from being the aviators that Jon Hamm wore throughout Mad Men, these shades have been standard issue in the United States Military since 1982. Handmade in the US and available in four styles — including one with curled temples for the angler and another with a leather brow bar for the hunter — you can get something unique to him, yet classic in every way. $208

Tudor Pelagos
Your padre never approved of coddling, and he deserves a watch raised the same way. The Pelagos is one of the most beautifully engineered divers you can buy, complete with a satin-finished titanium case, a ceramic bezel and classic Tudor design cues. The coolest feature is the spring-loaded expanding clasp on the bracelet, which automatically adjusts to the compression of a wetsuit sleeve underwater. Let him give it hell first, and maybe he’ll pass it on to you when the time is right. $4,125

Ninox Hudson Shirt
Having launched their first clothing collection in Fall 2014, you probably haven’t heard of Ninox — but don’t let that deter you. The Colorado brand pumps out some high-quality outer and formal wear. For the Hudson shirt, they have collaborated with a custom shirt maker in NJ. The slim-fitting dress shirt is made with Portuguese cotton, and it has mitered cuffs and a button-down collar. Your dad will love it, or he has no sense of style. $109

J.Crew Abingdon Waxed-Canvas Dopp Kit $60

Ledbury Richmond Chino $165

James Dean 3-Strip Racing Tee $75

Tanner Goods Leather Nato Strap $120

Onia Calder 7.5-Inch Swim Trunk $145

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Kiehls Starter Kit
If your old man is still loyal to the likes of Irish Spring, it’s time to introduce him to the good stuff. The Men’s Starter Kit from Kiehl’s includes the brand’s stalwart essentials: the invigorating Facial Fuel Cleanser, with caffeine and citrus extracts; the Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, an exfoliating bar of soap with oat kernel and pumice that also moisturizes with the addition of natural oat bran; the kit also includes the White Eagle Shave Cream, Facial Fuel Moisturizer and Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. What’s more, all of the products are TSA friendly, conveniently sized under 3.2 ounces. $43

Wahl 9818 All-In-One Groomer
No one wants to tell their dad they look like a mess (at least when he’s sober). Thankfully Wahl’s high-end groomer features swappable blades for keeping every kind of hair in check — including hard-to-manage ear, nose and eyebrow stragglers. Feel free to present it as simply a shaver and hope they figure the rest out. $55

Floris No.89 Eau De Toilette
Ian Fleming, creator of the 007 franchise, is thought to have used this classic sent as he swooned his way through the Second World War all the way to the coasts of Jamaica, where the GoldenEye estate still stands. Its unique floral complexion may not be what your pops expected from a Royal Navy man, but it’s still pretty darn impressive. $88

Lab Series Max LS Age Less Face Cream $74

Klhip Nail File $35

L.L. Bean Handsewn Slippers $40

C.O.Bigelow Bay Rum Hair & Body Wash $15

Every Man Jack Manual Razor Kit $30

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Mophie Spacestation
This essential travel accessory combines up to three times extra battery for any USB-powered device with up to 128GB of extra storage. More importantly, the additional space can be managed and accessed directly from mobile devices using Mophie’s intuitive Space software, meaning dad won’t have to bring his mid-2000s brick of a Dell on trips just to transfer a file. $150

Bose Quietcomfort 25
The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones feature industry-leading noise reduction, best-in-class sound and a comfortable, lightweight fit. In addition to the great technical features, the QC25s sport a sleek and refined look with a tighter-fitting headband. Finished tastefully in gunmetal gray and a suede-like material, dad’ll be using them at work, the gym, business trips and just about everywhere. Be careful, though — he may never take them off. $300

Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock for Apple Watch
Nothing is worse than the feeling that follows when, midway through shutting off the morning alarm, you knock your smartphone off your dresser. Don’t do that with your Apple Watch. Griffin Technology offers a sleek, nondescript charging dock that the Apple Watch won’t slip off of: just lay the watch on top of the cradle, and the built-in magnet will keep your watch in place. And at just 5.9 x 3.9 inches, it’s small and sleek enough not to offset your nightstand style, but at just a pound, it’s just heavy enough not to tip over. $30

Fujifilm X-T10 $900

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard $100

Beyond: Our Future in Space $19

Sonos Play:1 2-Room Starter Set $350

Shinola iPad Mini Journal Cover $150

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Brooklinen Lux Sheets
We get it, dad, you’re tired. At the end of a long day, whether it was spent at the office, coaching little league, or in the workshop, every dad craves a good night’s sleep. Because quality rest starts with quality comfort, this set of ridiculously comfortable sheets from Brooklinen makes a thoughtful, practical gift. $150

Bonavita 5-Cup Coffee Maker
It’s finally time to put Mr. Coffee on the curb and upgrade dad’s morning cup, and Bonavita’s 5-cup is the best bang-for-your-buck replacement available today. It’s not as beautiful as a Chemex or as extravagant as this thing, but the Bonavita’s got a lot going for it. It heats water up to the correct 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (most home coffee makers don’t get anywhere close), has a large showerhead that evenly wets the grounds and the insulated carafe can keep things hot for an hour. Dad’s not a technophile? All he’ll have to worry about is the on/off switch and whether to go in for cup number three. $120

Jam Cross Range Log Holder
We can’t say it’s critical for the home, but this log rack made from 6mm-thick laser-cut aluminum and reclaimed French oak would make a handsome edition to any home with a working fire place. The oak originally served as material for the now-decommissioned French Railway Wagons, so it’s seen a fair share of soot. Hoping for bonus points with dad? Split him some logs to fill it. $352

Flacon Enamelware Prep Set $108

Handcrafted Granite Bookends $180

Schoolhouse Electric Hairpin Table $250

Edge Pro Kit 1 Knife Sharpener System $475

Mazama Serving Bottle $65

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Big Ass Garage Light
The garage isn’t a room for dainty throw pillows and fine china. No, with cars and trucks coming in and out, hammers flying, oil spilling, it’s a room that demands durability. And the Big Ass Garage light is built for such a DIY war zone. Hit it with a hammer (or even your truck) and the Big Ass Garage Light will keep on shining and lighting up your workspace. It’s easy to install, and if you get the optional occupancy sensor, you won’t even have to worry about flipping a switch. $400

RotoZip Spiral Saw Kit with Dust Valet
RotoZip’s original spiral cutter became a dream tool for the construction and renovation set when it was introduced in the early 1970s. The new Roto Saw and Spiral Saw Kit still cuts through all manner of construction materials thanks to Constant Speed Technology, which maintains power and speed (15,000 to 30,000 rpm) even under heavy load. But now it can also collect 90 percent of dust and debris without using a loud or massive vacuum, saving dad’s lungs and time. $99

The Furniture Bible
A step short of a carpenter, but still a craftsman, woodworker, or tinkerer. Sound like your dad? Probably. Maybe you can’t afford to set him up with that antique bureau; instead, give him this guidebook to help him acquire, fix, and maintain beautiful furniture with his own two hands. Then watch as he checks projects off his to-do list one by one. $24

August Smart Lock $250

Klein Tools Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight $26

Trusco 2-Level Cantilever Tool Box $84

Milwaukee 2603 18V Cordless Drill Driver $250

Black & Decker WM425 Workmate $100

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Guideboat Co. Des Moines Brief
The Des Moines Brief allows you to carry your workday wares in refined, slightly rugged fashion. Vegetable-tanned, oiled and waxed brown leather with understated metal accents indicate durability, but the unstitched buckle straps and leather flap add a more casual feel to this brief. Whether you’re toting it by hand or slinging it across your shoulder, you’ll have more than enough room for your laptop, tablet, papers and more. $390

Fitzsu One Year of White Pages Journals Set
Screens of all sizes have crept into the everyday lives of all generations, and that means your dad has beautiful pens lying around just waiting to be used. Help him back from the screen to the paper world by giving him this set of gorgeously designed journals. The set comes with one for each month; each is sure to bring him back to the good ol’ days of hand-written notes and help him remember, create, or philosophize. $40

Dell XPS13 Ultrabook
When you’re a jet-setter, you don’t have the luxury of compartmentalizing your needs for work and leisure, and dad is no different. Few laptops achieve that duality and maintain a lithe build quite like Dell’s XPS13 Ultrabook. Weighing in at only 2.8 pounds, the XPS13 comes loaded with a 13-inch touchscreen, an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive. The XPS13 also has an industry-best battery life of 15 hours, so dad can create spreadsheets, promote synergy and procrastinate with Netflix for hours on end from just about anywhere. $1,300

BUILT NY Bento Designer Neoprene Lunch Box $28

Parabellum Device Blotters $50+

Herman Miller SAYL Chair $589

Just Mobile HS-100BK HeadStand $50

Midori Brass Pen Case $38

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Tidal Subscription
A Tidal subscription is the cherry atop the towering sundae of audio equipment your dad’s accumulated over the years. We’re fans of the service, and ultimately, unlimited lossless audio streaming for $20 a month is a bargain compared to regularly purchasing music, which is the only way to match lossless sound quality. If your dad hasn’t been reenacting the Maxwell Audio commercial every year of his life, then you’ll have given him the gift of audiophile aspiration. $140

Vizio P-Series 4K HDTV
4k video content is still at least a few years away from becoming mainstream. But that hasn’t stopped Vizio from producing one of the best values the home entertainment world has ever seen. Their P-Series line is heralded for producing excellent 4k picture — even in the case of upscaling regular 1080p, which will be critical from now until higher-resolution formats are widely available. Best of all, they’re priced at what you’d pay for a typical HD set. So give dad the advanced big screen he deserves and put those fears of returning to the TV-viewing dark ages each holiday behind you.


Atocha Design Sidekick Leather LP Sling
He was into vinyl before the hipsters were even born. This handcrafted sling made of American walnut, brass and double-sided black leather will help him show off his trendsetting influence and keep favorites close at hand. Unfortunately it takes six to eight weeks to make, so if you need something for him to unwrap now, give him a new album as a hint of what’s to come. $875

New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite $119

Logitech Harmony Home Control $150

HBO Now Subscription $180

Yamaha A-S501 Integrated Stereo Amp $450

Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania $15

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Coravin 1000 Wine Access System
The Coravin wine system is to wine what the black hat is to the white rabbit: a magician’s portal. Without removing the cork (which would aerate the wine and disrupt the rest of the bottle), it takes wine inside the bottle and allows you to pour it outside the bottle. In other words, it’ll let dad “test” a glass from his expansive collection without having to share with you. $300

DeBragga Japanese Wagyu from Miyazaki Region, 12-Ounce Ribeye
Sometimes steak night means gathering around the grill with a few buddies to extol the merits of lump charcoal, debate cooking times and take turns flipping tri-tip; other times it means sitting by yourself in silence and enjoying a cut of meat as if it were a piece of very good fiction. The right steak for the latter situation is a ribeye of Japanese Wagyu from the Miyazaki region. It comes from a 100 percent Wagyu animal and is so marbled you’d barely recognize it as beef. It makes a nice gift for Father’s Day because no reasonable dad would buy an $85 steak for himself. $85

Nikka 17 Year Old Taketsuru Pure Malt Japanese Whisky
Late at night, when dinner’s been put away and it’s just you and your father, there’s nothing that starts a conversation like a bottle of whisky. His was a generation of Scotch drinkers, and Nikka was founded by Masataka Taketsuru, who studied the art of distilling in Scotland before bringing what he learned back to Japan, where he perfected the art. In the century that followed, Nikka has come to symbolize the gold standard in Japanese whiskies, and this 17-year-old offering, once relegated abroad, has finally come stateside. Smooth and light but complex with notes of dark fruits and earth, this bottle is great for casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. $140

Sagaform Stainless 3pc. Cocktail Set $71

Patrón Limited Edition Extra Anejo 7 Anos Tequila $300

Waterford Mad Men Edition Olson Cigar Ashtray $225

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-Inch $399

Midwest Supplies Homebrew Starter Kit $150

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