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All the Automotive News You Missed This Week That You Should Know About

Hyundai showed its hot crossover, Harley wants the young folks' money and Pennsylvania wins an inglorious award.

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It's been another busy week here at the Gear Patrol Motoring desk. At long last, we saw the reveal of the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer; we learned the new Nissan 400Z might seriously outgun the Toyota Supra, and that Kia's new electric car might be quicker than some Porsches; we discovered Audi and Sonos are working together on the new Q4 E-Tron, and found out why Cadillac's new CT5-V Blackwing doesn't pack even more power (not that anyone was complaining).

Still, as always, there was far more happening in the automotive world than we had time to dedicate individual stories to. Here's a glimpse at some of the news popping off this week that was still worth learning about.

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Jaguar is offering 12 impeccably remastered E-Types

Do you love the timeless lines of the Jaguar E-Type, but would rather not deal with the issues of a 60-year-old car? Do you have more money than God? Then Jaguar Classic's new E-type 60 Collection cars are right up your alley. These 12 cars are better-than-new, with remastered parts designed to work better and last longer than the original E-Types. Oh, and if you buy one, you'll also get to join the other 11 owners on a scenic drive from England to Geneva next summer.


Adaptive cruise control makes you more likely to speeds, IIHS claims
control buttons on steering wheel in a modern car
Kiyoshi HijikiGetty Images

The IIHS has released a new study that claims users of active cruise control — that is, cruise control that maintains a set distance from the vehicle ahead — makes drivers 24 percent more likely to speed on the highway. There are a couple of caveats that make us a bet skeptical of its conclusion, however: the IIHS defined "speeding" as any instance of going over the speed limit, and they conducted the study using drivers from...Boston.


Honda and Acura might get electric SUVs built by GM
car brands honda
Gear Patrol

Honda's lineup may be among the more fuel-efficient on the road, but the carmaker lags behind some others in terms of rolling out electric vehicles. That's apparently set to change; this week, the AP reported Honda and Acura will both be getting EV SUVs come 2024. And rumor has it they'll be made by General Motors, using the new Ultium platform.


Here's our best look yet at Hyundai's hot SUV, the Kona N
hyundai kona n

The Hyundai Veloster N has captured the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts over the last couple years with its playful performance and dynamic handling. But you know what sells better than hatchbacks? Crossovers. So Hyundai is throwing the Veloster N's powertrain into the Kona — and, as we can see in the teaser images released this week, giving it an appropriately aggro look to match. Expect to see the Kona N hit the streets this year.


Tesla's Full Self-Driving is officially not full self-driving
introduction of mobilityx   the self driving industry
NurPhotoGetty Images

Elon Musk announced that Tesla is planning to double the size of its Full Self-Driving Beta test pool with eventual plans to increase it ten-fold. He did not announce that Tesla has also informed regulators that the full iteration of "full self-driving," despite the name, will be a hands-0n Level 2 system — but word still got out.

Tesla could still develop Level 5 autonomy, as Elon Musk promised to do by the end of 2019, 2020 and 2021. But it won't be under that name.


The GMC Hummer EV SUV will debut on April 3
see the gmc hummer ev suv debut on april 3

GMC announced this week that the SUV version of the new Hummer EV — presumably packing all the wild features and capabilities of the truck version, just with more enclosed cargo space — will debut on April 3rd at 5pm EDT during the NCAA Final Four.


The world's most expensive toll road is in Pennsylvania
pennsylvania cityscapes and city views
Raymond BoydGetty Images

Australian insurance website BudgetDirect has compiled data on the world's toll roads. The planet's most expensive is the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which costs about $112 to drive end-to-end. That's four times as expensive as the No. 2 toll road in America, the New York State Thruway.


Porsche bought a bigger stake in Rimac
rimac prototype car
Rimac Automobili

Porsche announced that it upped its stake in electric hypercar builder Rimac Automobili to 24 percent. It's a partnership that should help keep Porsche on the cutting edge of electric performance and could lead to the Croatian company taking over Bugatti.


Harley Davidson has a new strategy to go after the youths
harley davidson motorcycle
Robert AlexanderGetty Images

Harley-Davidson is planning to dip into the market of perhaps its biggest competitor: used Harley-Davidsons. A new H-D Certified program will certify bikes up to five years old with fewer than 25,000 miles; the H-D Certified bikes will come with a 12-month warranty. In theory, the used bikes will be cheaper for younger customers, and more profitable for Harley than targeting those buyers with entry-level models.


This could be our best look yet at Toyota's new EV
toyota x prologue

Toyota offered up a glimpse of a model apparently called the X Prologue this week — and while it's just a shadowy picture of the headlight and hood, the lack of a grille has us believing it's the brand's new electric vehicle. Luckily, we won't have to wait long; to learn more the X Prologue will debut on March 17, according to Autocar.


The 16 Best Cars to Buy in 2021

Kelley Blue Book has released their best cars to buy awards for 2021. The results may surprise you.


Hyundai is planning one wild minivan
hyundai staria

In other Hyundai news, the Korean carmaker showed off some mysterious pictures of a new minivan concept called the Staria. Based on the press release talk about its futuristic mission and the unconventional shape, we're guessing it presages a future electric van — part of the company's expansive push into EVs. Will it hit production? We're betting yes...but the styling will probably be dialed back a bit.


Behold the Taco Bell...OF THE FUTURE
taco bell multiple lane drive through
Border Foods

A Minnesota Taco Bell franchise owner wants to build a new type of Taco Bell that solely caters to automobile occupants. The "kitchen" would be on the second floor above a four-lane drive-thru; three of the lanes would be windowless, where delivery drivers and app users could have food lowered down to them. Sadly, the plan will employ traditional waiters, rather than shooting chalupas through pneumatic tubes like at the bank teller.


The refreshed Genesis G70 scores a matte-painted Launch Edition
genesis g70 launch edition

As part of its 2022 model year update, the Genesis G70 is getting a facelift that brings it more in line with the rest of the lineup. It's also getting a new Launch Edition, notable largely for its sweet matte paint (your choice of gray or white) and a particularly choice red-and-black interior.


Enter to win an iconic Jaguar, help disadvantaged youths
jaguar e type

Enzo Ferrari called the first-gen Jaguar E-Type the most beautiful car ever made. You can enter to win this stunningly restored 1963 version in an Omaze sweepstakes. Every donation helps out a good cause: supporting The Prince's Trust, which helps young people develop new skills and confidence to build better lives.


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