Toyota's GR Corolla Hot Hatch Should Hit Dealers Very, Very Soon

Just in time for some snowy winter fun.

2023 toyota gr corolla hot hatch

This year, Toyota finally gave America its long-promised hot hatch, the GR Corolla. It's an American-sized version of the forbidden fruit GR Yaris with 300 horsepower, a GR-tuned all-wheel-drive system and a six-speed manual transmission on offer. And one could argue the GR Corolla is a milestone for Toyota's GR sub-brand, as it's all Toyota rather than borrowing heavily from Subaru and BMW.

When will you be able to buy a GR Corolla? Very soon, if reports are correct. Toyota promised the GR Corolla before the end of the year. And CarBuzz found a Facebook post from a Toyota dealership employee showing the GR Corolla hitting dealers in October. That timeline matches a previous leak uncovered by The Drive. Although the new leak makes no mention of the all-new Toyota Crown, which The Drive's document says will launch the same month.

That said, if you have your eye on the Morizo Edition GR Corolla — with a weight-savings package, special tuning and 22 lb-ft more torque — you may have to wait a bit longer. Toyota has said that version of the GR Corolla will not come available until 2023.

The leak shows the all-new (and all-hybrid) 2023 Toyota Sequoia SUV arriving in September. The document also shows Toyota rolling out the 2023 4Runner and Tacoma trucks in September, which means we'll be waiting until at least 2024 for the next-gen 4Runner and next-gen Tacoma. If the leak is valid, Toyota will also send out the new Corolla Cross hybrid in December, which should be a substantial upgrade over the gas version.

The GR Corolla is only just the start of what should be an exciting next few years at Toyota. Yes, the new 4Runner and Tacoma should be epic. But Toyota also has a tsunami of new electric cars on the way, including the Compact Cruiser and a new electric pickup truck.


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