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Running in the New Year? Get This Mask While It's on Sale

Asics has taken all of its expertise and made a mask specifically for running.


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Earlier this year, we got news of Asics releasing one of the first running-specific masks on the market. Well, the mask has come out and is now on sale for $28 as part of the Asics semi-annual sale going on.

Whether you've been running with a gaiter or a cheap mask, wearing one while running is courteous to others and can even help protect yourself — just like wearing a face mask anytime really. Some masks are most certainly better than others when it comes to exercising and running. But the most important thing to know is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) endorses face coverings with two or more layers of breathable, washable fabric. The World Health Organization (WHO), meanwhile, advises people to wear three layers of fabric protection.

The Asics Runners Mask requires a bit more of a process to put on with a strap around the back that can be tightened and loosened easily, but it also keeps the fit tight and precise. In our testing, the air holes under the jaw kept the mask highly breathable for the entirety of our runs — the quick-dry fabric its made of also helps with this. While there are many masks you can choose for exercise and daily wear, if you're running a lot, you might want to have one dedicated to that activity. It's all part of

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Editor's Note: The understanding of what makes a good face mask continues to evolve, and studies assessing the effectiveness of various types of masks are ongoing. CDC guidelines recommend masks with two or more layers that fully cover the nose and mouth. Before purchasing any mask, make sure to assess what it actually claims to do and its materials. Follow our coverage of masks here.

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