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Convert Any Table into a Watchmaking Studio with This Portable Desk

Technical materials and elegant design make this desk converter ideal for your tinkering proclivities.


In an increasingly WFH era, you may have browsed products that convert your regular desk into a standing desk. There are plenty of good options for laptop stands and the like, but what if your work or hobby involves getting up close with small items like watches or electronics? The new Etablee OE1 may be just the thing for you — and it's built to the standards of a luxury watch, to boot.


The main thing that makes a watchmaker's bench different from other desks is that its surface needs to be at chest level so watchmakers don't need to lean forward all day. Rather than investing in a dedicated bench, the Etablee OE1 sits atop another desk to provide this surface. Made of lightweight materials (a total weight of just 1.86kg), it's meant to be easy to set up and remove as necessary and yet to be completely sturdy. Created by a horology educator, it's also intended to provide a level of craftsmanship similar to that which watchmakers are familiar with in luxury watches.

The 65cm x 40cm surface is made of carbon fiber and its corners are curved elegantly downward to make for ergonomic arm rests. Sitting 20cm tall, it's supported on a honeycomb-patterned aluminum frame with rubber foot pads. With technical materials and a sophisticated design, it's an attractive appointment in and of itself and can be ordered directly from the brand for $1,195.


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