The 50+ Best Mother's Day Gifts

In case you forgot, Mother's Day will be here before you know it. You don't have to tell her we reminded you to buy her a gift.

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You don’t need a reason to show Mom you love her, but birthdays and Mother’s Day are good excuses to get a great gift for the number one woman — or women — in your life. Want to get her a present she’ll actually enjoy? (Aside from the flowers you're already getting delivered to her, of course.) Here are more than 50 Mother's Day gift ideas to get you going — Mother's Day is May 8 as a reminder.

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Theragun Prime Handheld Percussive Massage Device

Whether Mom needs to recover after a long day on her feet or just wants to treat herself to a deep massage, a powerful yet quiet Theragun is truly the gift that keeps on giving. By providing percussive therapy and deep muscle treatment, Theragun helps keep her limber and relaxed no matter what.

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YETI DuraCoat Rambler 30 oz Tumbler

Coffee is Mom’s best friend and this Yeti Rambler will make sure her coffee stays warm (or ice cold) as she goes about her day. With double-wall vacuum insulation and NoSweat™ design, this rambler is ideal for any busy day on the go.

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For the Minimalist Mom

Lululemon Easy Access Crossbody

A simple bag from the gurus at Lululemon is mom's new daily driver. The simple crossbody bag looks great, comes in a bunch of colors and keeps her valuables close.

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For the Mom With Chic Hair

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

She deserves the best. If you buy a Dyson, you know you're getting the best, most well-researched product you can buy.

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For the Mom Who Wants (Foot) Support

Chaco Chillos Slide

Maybe the full-strapped Chaco isn't quite for mom. But a hip slide that has a corrective footbed and a host of fresh colors? Check.

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For the Mom Who Loves an Elevated Buzz

Haus Drink Membership

Haus's low-alcohol aperitifs are part of the newest alcohol trend and it is one we can absolutely get behind. A membership delivers a more conscious drink right to mom's door.

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For the Garden Mom

Anthropologie Woven Palm Sun Hat

Summer is coming and that means more time in the sun. Keep her skin protected with a hat equally suited for the beach or the garden.

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For the Picky Planter

Bloomist E-Gift Card

Out of time? Let mom pick what she wants from Bloomist for all her planting needs. Gift cards start at $10 and go all the way up to $400.

Yankee Candles
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For the Sentimental Sniffer

Personalized Yankee Candles

Mom can always use a candle. And if it's a personalized one, she'll know you actually put in some effort.

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For the Mom With Chapped Lips

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

Sometimes it’s the small things that count. And this incredible lip balm is a small something she’ll use every day.

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For the Mom Who Loves Smells

Juniper Ridge All-Natural Campfire Incense

It’s time to change your mom’s notion that all incense smells like patchouli. Get her some sticks made with nothing more than sustainably harvested plants, sap and wood, and fill her home with the aroma of sweetgrass or douglas fir.

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TheraFace PRO

8 face treatments in one device, Therabody's latest venture is a great way to give mom lasting care for her face.

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For the Accident-Prone Mom

Casely Blue & White Rose Case

Every phone needs a case. There are a ton of cases to choose from at Casely, including this one which has options for power and MagSafe.

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For the Jet-Setting Mom

Away Everywhere Bag

This bag offers everything she needs when it comes to getting out and about, post-pandemic travel included.

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For the Mom Who Loves Legacy TV

HBO Max Subscription

You mean mom hasn't watched Sopranos yet? Do her a favor for just $14.99 a month.

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For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Now 45% off

It’s rare you can spend $18 on a thing that will last 100 years. So long as they’re not tossed from the roof of a house or left to fend for themselves in a rainstorm, Lodge’s frugal-as-hell cast-iron skillets will do just that.

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For the Caffeine-Motivated Mom

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Now 18% off

Does mom like cold brew but not too strong? This 1-quart Takeya makes a weaker version of cold brew and fits inside most refrigerator doors.

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Cameo Celebrity Greeting

Does mom have an actor, athlete, musician or other celebrity she's obsessed with? Maybe they're on Cameo and can give mom a personalized message just for her.

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For the Mom Who Likes Her Herbs Fresh
Modern Sprout

Modern Sprout Organic Rosemary Garden Jar

Mom will always have the need for fresh herbs.

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For the Mom Who Loves a Bag

Everlane Italian Leather Studio Bag

Now 44% off

Can a mom have too many bags? We don't think so. Whether mom loves the farmer's market or needs another bag for trips to the beach, this is the one.

Klean Kanteen
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Klean Kanteen Steel Straw 2-Pack

Part of being a mom is being prepared for anything. Now that plastic straws are an endangered species — and paper ones are no real substitute — she’ll want a reusable one to sub in. Klean Kanteen's is small enough for a purse and cleans in the dishwasher.

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For the Mom Who Hates Overhead Lighting

Casper Glow

Now 10% off

Set it on a bedside table and it gently dims as she drifts off and brightens as she wakes up, or she can manually adjust light levels by spinning it. Or she can flip it on its head and it will turn off. It’s intuitive, strangely fun and genuinely useful.

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For the Backyard Wine-Sippin' Mom

Yeti Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler

If she doesn't have one already, get her one of Gear Patrol's favorite products. If she does have one, why not get another? A bottle of wine is always better when shared with another.

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For the Mom Who Loses Things

Apple AirTag

One of the latest gadgets from Apple, the AirTag will help any mom keep track of her personal items when she's on the go.

Snowe Home
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For the Mom Who Loves a Bath

Snowe Honeycomb Bath Towel

A lightweight long-staple cotton towel from Italy will be the best $30 upgrade to her ever-important shower (or bath) routine.

East Fork
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For the Mom Who Cherishes Her Morning Brew

East Fork The Mug

If your mom loves her coffee, there is no better way to drink it than from a handmade clay mug. The hottest mug on the internet is tailor-made to fit an Aeropress and holds up to 12 ounces.

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For the Mom With Good Taste and Dry Skin

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm

This hydrating body balm is blended with carrot and aloe vera to hydrate the skin. Formulated with geranium leaf and citrus extras, the scent alone is worth the price — this is one she won’t want to share.

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For the Mom Who Needs to Drink More Water

Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle

Hydro Flask meticulously tapered the walls of this bottle to shave weight while maintaining durability. At just 10 ounces, it might be the lightest one on the planet — that still keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12.

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For the Active Mom

Trigger Point Foam Roller

This 13-inch roller features a multi-density exterior that supports muscle recovery, pain relief and improved flexibility. It also comes with access to TriggerPoint’s online video library, where experts show how to roll for optimal results.

The Nue Co.
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For the Mom Who Loves Her Skin

Nue Co. The Tool

She can instantly depuff and tighten skin with the Tool from Nue Co. This heavy-weight stainless steel tool is hypoallergenic and aids lymphatic drainage.

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