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The 35 Best Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom

Surprise your mom, grandma or wife with the products and gear she’ll actually like.


You don’t need a reason to show mom you love her, but birthdays and Mother’s Day are good excuses, nonetheless. Want to get her a present she’ll actually enjoy? Here are 35 ideas to get you started.

Patagonia Provisions Regenerative Organic Chile Mango

Mom is a healthy snack pro, but she may not be hip to the latest from the food branch of Patagonia: organic chile mango. There’s no guilt inside this bag; just organic mango, dried in a solar-powered dehydrator and tossed with lime juice and Argentinian chile powder.


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

Sometimes it’s the small things that count. And this incredible lip balm is something she’ll use every day.

BUY NOW: $10

Enkore Car Cup Holder Coasters

It’s as inevitable as the tides: a cupholder that gets used gets gunky. Plop one of these in the cupholder, though, and your mom need never worry about cleaning goop out of that hard-to-access spot again.

BUY NOW: $11

Juniper Ridge Incense

It’s time to change your mom’s notion that all incense smells like patchouli. Get her some sticks made with nothing more than sustainably harvested plants, sap and wood, and fill her home with the aroma of sweetgrass or douglas fir.

BUY NOW: $12

Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

It’s rare you can spend $15 on a thing that will last 100 years. So long as they’re not tossed from the roof of a house or left to fend for themselves in a rain storm, Lodge’s frugal-as-hell cast-iron skillets will do just that.

BUY NOW: $15

PF Candle Co Geranium Candle

Made from domestic soy wax and scented with natural fragrance oils, this candle from PF Candle Co is a welcome addition to any home. It comes in a neutral terracotta pot that can be used as a planter after the candle is used up.

BUY NOW: $18

Hadley Roma Lizard Grain Leather Watch Strap

Want to help mom dress up that nice watch you got her for her birthday? (You did get her a nice watch for her birthday, right?) These 16mm lizard grain leather straps come in 14 different colors and feature a water-resistant lining and matching color stitching.

BUY NOW: $20

Final Straw 2.0

Part of being mom is being prepared for anything. Now that plastic straws are an endangered species — and paper ones no real substitute — she’ll want a reusable one to sub in. FinalStraw’s latest iteration is small enough for a purse and cleans in the dishwasher.

BUY NOW: $25

Macally Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

Moms can be just as bad about using their phones while driving as the rest of us. A cupholder phone mount keeps her smartphone from blocking the view or getting blasted by the vents, while still bringing it closer to her eyeline — making it safer to use.

BUY NOW: $25

Philips Hue White Filament A19

These are the latest filament bulbs by Philips Hue, the leader in smart lighting. The best thing about them isn’t their retro-cool looks, but the fact that they’re incredibly easy to install and use. No smart hub required.

BUY NOW: $25

San Francisco Bath Salt Company Sleep Lavender Bath Salts

This blend of fine-to-medium grain Pacific sea salts is scented with lavender essential oil to promote relaxation. The 10-pound bag will sooth muscle aches and encourage restful sleep for months to come.

BUY NOW: $29

Timex Weekender Watch

It may be the quintessential Millennial watch, but it’s also the perfect unisex everyday watch. With 30m of water resistance, an Indiglo back-lit face and myriad dial/strap combinations to choose from, she can wear it around the house, to the gym, and everywhere in between.

BUY NOW: $31

Kinto Travel Tumbler

As Miss P (whose full name is “Tashtins Lookin For Trouble”) famously set the bar for what a beagle could be, Kinto’s simple travel tumbler established the same for coffee on the go. It does the basics of keeping things hot as well as any, and its clever two-part lid ensures your mouth is never flooded with scalding coffee and you can from tumbler to cup with ease.

BUY NOW: $32

Hansel From Basel Plaid Sheer Crew Socks

Not every pair of socks has to be utilitarian. These Japanese-made socks have a sheer plaid pattern that is fun and fashionable.

BUY NOW: $34

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

This 13-inch roller features a multi-density exterior that supports muscle recovery, pain relief and improved flexibility. It also comes with access to TriggerPoint’s online video library, where experts show how to roll for optimal results.

BUY NOW: $35

Anker Roav Viva Amazon Alexa Add-On

Does your mom love the Alexa Echo Dot you got her last year? Bring the same functionality to her car with this easy-to-install gadget. Plug it into her 12-volt outlet and pair it with her phone, and she’ll be able to use voice commands to play music, control her smart appliances in the house, and play music, among many other features.

BUY NOW: $39

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm

This hydrating body balm is blended with carrot and aloe vera to hydrate the skin. Formulated with geranium leaf and citrus extras, the scent alone is worth the price — this is one she won’t want to share.

BUY NOW: $45

Hydro Flask Trail Series 24 oz. Water Bottle

Hydro Flask meticulously tapered the walls of this bottle to shave weight while maintaining durability. At just 10 ounces, it might be the lightest one on the planet — that still keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12.

BUY NOW: $45

Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The cold truth: you can make cold brew coffee in any vessel you please. A bowl, a large cup or a bucket all offer what’s needed to allow water and coffee to mingle for 12 to 24 hours. Oxo’s version does the basics while offering superior filtration (less coffee silt!) and the lid drips water over the grounds, blooming them as they would be brewed hot.

BUY NOW: $50

Casio Vintage Gold-Toned Watch

Maybe you can’t quite afford to get her that solid gold watch yet, but at least you can get her the look. This gold-toned digital Casio with matching bracelet features all sorts of stopwatches and calendar information as well as a backlit screen.

BUY NOW: $55

Trade Fresh Coffee Gift

Trade often touts itself as the “Netflix of coffee,” but it’s closer to the Tinder of coffee. You take a short quiz on how you like your coffee and you’re fed a healthy list of suggestions. Unlike Tinder, all Trade’s offerings are of good stock. The platform partners with some of the best coffee roasters in America and all purchases are roasted-to-order.

BUY NOW: $60

Echo Dot With a Clock

Think of this little speaker as a smart alarm clock. You can ask Alexa to wake you up and tell you the weather each morning. And no there’s no built-in camera, which should alleviate some of your privacy concerns.

BUY NOW: $60

The Sill Red Anthurium

Two things on buying your mother a plant: it better arrived potted and ready to display, and it better not be a goddamn snake plant. The red anthurium blooms longer than any other houseplant there is and doesn’t require special treatment.

BUY NOW: $65

Casio G-Shock GMD-S6900MC Watch

A trip to the gym necessitates a tough-as-nails watch, but that doesn’t mean the watch in question can’t be chic and fun. This G-Shock is replete with all the usual Casio robustness but has a gold-toned dial that makes it stand out from the crowd.

BUY NOW: $67

Awair Glow C

This is way cooler than your average smart plug. It works as an air quality monitor and a smart night light, as well, and can easily be integrated into an Alexa or a Google Assistant smart home.

BUY NOW: $89

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s newest Kindle checks a bunch of boxes. It has built-in backlight so it’s easy to read inside and outside. It has built-in Bluetooth, in case you want to use wireless headphones and listen to audiobooks. And it’s under $100.

BUY NOW: $90

Everlane Cashmere Crew Sweater

This versatile sweater has a flattering and utilitarian silhouette, but it’s elevated with Grade-A cashmere from Inner Mongolia. Available in sizes XXS to XXL, it comes in 12 colors ranging from heather gray to cerulean to red.

BUY NOW: $100

Citizen Eco-Drive Date Watch

If you’re looking for a more refined gift for mom, you can’t go wrong with this classic, stainless steel Citizen watch with a matching bracelet. Its Eco-Drive movement means it charges via the dial and effectively never needs a battery replacement.

BUY NOW: $110

Casper Glow Lights

This is the kind of technology your mom will brag about to other moms. Set it on a bedside table and it gently dims as you drift off and brightens as you wake up, or you can manually adjust light levels by spinning it. Or you can flip it on its head and it will turn off. It’s intuitive, strangely fun and genuinely useful.

BUY NOW: $129

Moodo Air Diffuser

This smart aroma diffuser is pretty neat because it lets you switch between four different fragrances or mix a few of them together. You can also order different capsules and try out different scents. It’s basically the Keurig of aroma diffusers.

BUY NOW: $150

Ikea Fyrtur Power Blinds

These smart blinds are the newest pieces of smart home tech from Ikea. You can lower and raise them with the touch of a wireless remote or with your voice. And they’re compatible with all three smart ecosystems: Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

BUY NOW: $154

Porsche Design Reading Tool

There’s no shame in it: as we get older, many of us wind up needing glasses to read. Luckily for the farsighted amongst us, Porsche Design’s reading glasses (sorry, “reading tools”) make having to don spectacles to peruse a magazine seem cool. Sure, you can grab reading glasses for less…but these are the Porsche of reading glasses.

BUY NOW: $270

Shinola Detrola Watch

You can’t go wrong with a fun, colorful watch that’s sure to turn heads when mom wears it around town. The Detrola from Detroit-based Shinola features a bright green dial with glossy pink case and orange silicone strap, giving it playful summer vibes and a unique look.

BUY NOW: $395

Theragun G3Pro

Theragun’s most advanced percussive device reaches 60 percent deeper than the average massager to soothe pain, release stress and stimulate recovery. With six easy-to-clean heads and an adjustable arm for full-body reach, it makes life-changing muscle treatment a reality. Also, it’s $150 off through May 4th.

BUY NOW: $449

AGV K6 Minimal Helmet

If your mom likes to hit the open road behind the handlebars, then Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her you care — with a new helmet. This AGV combines the best of both sport and touring helmets into a lightweight carbon fiber lid that’s stylish and comfortable.

BUY NOW: $550

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