6 Car Brands Planning to Go Electric by 2030

Combustion engine bans are coming soon. These automakers plan to be ahead of the curve.

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The car world is going electric — and quickly. Popular attitudes toward climate change are shifting, legislative combustion engine bans are looming and EV technology and infrastructure are improving. We’re seeing companies promising onslaughts of new electric cars built on dedicated EV platforms, and many current iconic vehicles will go electric soon as well.

Most automakers have set deadlines far into the nebulous future (when someone else will have to implement those plans). But a few automakers, aiming to be ahead of the curve, have pledged to move fully electric within the coming decade. Here are six carmakers you know (and possibly love) that are planning to only sell electric cars by 2030.

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Jaguar (2025)

Jaguar has unveiled plans to reimagine itself as an electric brand. Jaguar will be EV-only from 2025 onward, likely with a pared-down lineup. (A bit oddly, though, the brand also killed the all-electric XJ sedan successor shortly before it was due to launch.)

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Bentley (2030)

Bentley has announced a multi-phased transition plan that will result in the brand going all-electric. The brand will release its first EV in 2025. The entire lineup will be PHEV or EV by 2026. Bentley will sell EVs entirely by 2030.

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Cadillac (2030)

GM has announced aspirations to be EV-only by 2035, but the first brand to go all-electric will be Cadillac, which says it will hit that milestone in 2030. The brand will debut its first EV, the Lyriq, for the 2023 model year. Projections have the current crossovers and sedans phasing out for EV models at the end of their current product runs. The Escalade should keep its combustion version until 2029.

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Lotus (2030)

Lotus launches the Emira this summer, which will replace its current sports car lineup. It will be the brand's last combustion vehicle. Lotus announced plans to skip hybrid technology. All subsequent vehicles will be EVs.

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Mini (2030)

A report from the German outlet Der Spiegel says BMW will convert Mini to a full-electric brand by 2030. That timeline would see Mini launch its last combustion vehicle in 2025.

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Volvo (2030)

Volvo Cars currently has only one electric vehicle — the XC40 Recharge — on sale under Volvo branding (though there are others under its Polestar division). But the brand plans to go fully electric and move to online sales by 2030.

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