45+ of the Best Gifts for Men

Whether it's Valentine's day, his birthday, Father's Day, or graduation, here are 60+ gift ideas every guy will love.

best gifts for every man

Birthdays. Valentine's Day. Anniversaries. Father’s Day. Graduation. The calendar is chock-full of occasions for gifting, so coming up with gifts for men, be it your dad, best friend or significant other — or all three — is easier said than done. To make your life easier, and your gift better, we’ve rounded up 60 of our most-tested and respected giftable products for a no-B.S. guide to gear he’s sure to love.

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Professional Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

If the dad in your life is a tool guy, plan to make his time in the kitchen much more enjoyable with a gift that keeps on giving. Its flexible abrasive belt sharpening technology uses high-quality abrasives for cleaner knife sharpening, and a flexible backing to create a superior convex edge. Plus, its elegant design looks great on a kitchen counter or can easily be stored in a drawer or cabinet to free up valuable counter space. You know, for other tools.

Todd Snyder
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Todd Snyder Denim Chore Coat
Todd Snyder

One of our favorite chore coats, Todd Snyder's denim coat is a bonafide wardrobe mainstay. At the sweet spot of price and design, this will look good on anyone.

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Mejuri Titanium Signet Ring

Men wear jewelry, too. And if the guy you're shopping for is new to bling, get them something low-key like this titanium signet ring from one of the best direct-to-consumer jewelry brands around.

Dad Grass
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Dad Grass Hemp CBD Preroll 5 Pack
Dad Grass

Know someone who needs to take a chill pill? Dad Grass will help them mellow out with its CBD joints made from 100-percent clean and pure hemp.

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Suunto 9 Peak Sport Watch

This is one of the sleekest sport watches we've seen — where most are enormous on your wrist, this one sits like any other watch he might have. This has all of the features needed for any outdoor or fitness activity, from heart rate monitoring to elevation.

Buck Mason
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Buck Mason Khaki Geo Breeze Cotton Linen Shirt
Buck Mason

For hard-wearing men's staples that look great in any season and with any wardrobe, look no further than Buck Mason. This cotton linen camp shirt is ideal for throwing on every day all summer long.

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Bergeron 3153 Watch Tool

Even a casual watch lover needs a spring bar tool, and this is one of the best; keep it handy to easily change a strap, adjust a bracelet and more.

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Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve 2.0

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing mountain climbers at the gym or climbing an actual mountain — having a breathable tee that wicks moisture and is comfy enough to wear on an off day is essential.

Mash and Grape
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Four Roses Bourbon Small Batch Select
Four Roses

Hands down one of the best new whiskeys you can buy.

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Field Company Cast Iron Skillet
Field Company

When we made this cast-iron skillet a Just Get This pick, we also meant you should just get this as a gift.

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Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

Help him achieve his next PB with a little help from the fastest shoes Nike offers.

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Brightland The Duo

Brightland's olive oils are made to liven up the kitchen, whether you're cooking a meal, making a salad dressing or serving hors d'oeuvres.

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Shinola Runwell Backpack

This isn't your third grader's backpack. Get him a handsome, rugged leather backpack that will age just as well he does.

Alex Crane
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Alex Crane Kite Jacket
Alex Crane

Made from organic cotton and washed in an enzyme wash, this jacket will be soft from the start and only get better with every wear.

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Converse Chuck 70

The Chuck 70 is Converse’s retro reintroduction of the modern Chuck Taylor. But it’s not just a blast from the past. Everything about it is upgraded, from the canvas to the rubber to the insoles and more, it’s completely worth the price jump.

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Momofuku Bestseller Pack

When David Chang started Momofuku, he probably didn't think it'd turn into the world-renowned noodle heaven that it is today (though he surely hoped it would). If your guy loves to cook up some delectable Asian-inspired dishes at home, this pack is a must-have.

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Alex Marshall Studios Tall Mug
Alex Marshall Studios

An easy way to make your coffee taste better (even if it's just a placebo effect) is to drink out of a nicer mug. This mug is handmade in an olive orchard in northern California and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Haus Duo

There's a low-ABV renaissance happening, and while it won't replace your go-to hard liquor, Haus' array of apéritifs make a great pre-dinner beverage (or all-day drinking bout).

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Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug Top

Yeti’s Rambler sets the standard for durable, daily-use water bottles.

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Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm

Whether it's his first mechanical watch or his fifth, the Hamilton Khaki Field is the standard when it comes to everyday watches that just get the job done.

Taylor Stitch
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Taylor Stitch The Jack
Taylor Stitch

The Jack is a modern upgrade on the everyday oxford that he’ll want to wear every single day.

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Akila Apollo Sunglasses

Subtler than some of its more out-there frames, the Apollo sunglasses from Akila are just the right amount of fashion forward without being "that guy."

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Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Massage Therapy Ball

This GP100 selection packs a ton of good vibes into a unit about the size of a lacrosse ball. The 10-watt motor delivers three speeds of percussive massage that can work wonders around sore necks, feet and other pain points.

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Kalita Wave 185 Dripper

The de facto pour-over coffee brewer is affordable, durable, travel-ready and as beginner-friendly as a pour-over dripper gets.

Garrett Wade
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Whittlers Three-Blade Pocket Knife

This three-blade knife can do everything you need around the house, at the campsite or on the job.

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Aesop Resurrection Duet

If you see someone with Aesop hand soap, then you know they've "made it." Help them get there sooner by buying this soap-and-lotion duo.

best gifts for men
Gear Patrol
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Unique Gift Ideas for Guys Who Have Everything


How do you shop for the guy who owns the fanciest, rarest things? Aim for gifts he wouldn't anticipate.

Made In
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Made In Beer Glasses (Set of 4)
Made In

Quality beer glasses are something you likely won't find in many guys' houses, but you know they're always welcome. This Teku-style set from Made In helps every beer live up to its full potential.

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Everlane The Performance Chino

A trusty pair of chinos always goes a long way. And it's tough to beat these from Everlane.

Porter Road
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Butcher’s Choice Box
Porter Road

If you're 100 percent sure he's not vegan or vegetarian, get him a box of fresh meat from Porter Road. Beef, chicken, pork — it has it all. It's like omakase sushi but you can't, or shouldn't, eat this raw.

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